Uncoated Board

Uncoated board is a unique and truly sustainable alternative to plastic in Gift card and Loyalty card manufacturing.

Features & Benefits:

Its high quality feel and exceptional rigidity make it an excellent choice. Its quality and durability do not compromise its green credentials.

Our uncoated board, created from replenishable raw materials is the only true alternative for businesses wishing to both choose sustainable printed products and reduce their plastic consumption.

  • Produced on FSC® Certified Material
  • 100% Bio-degradable
  • 100% Compostable
card-Uncoated Board

Coated Board

Our coated 100% paper-based cards provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic gift cards, while grabbing attention at shelf with a wide range of printing and decorating possibilities unmatched by plastic.

Features & Benefits:

Market leading environmental performance 30% PCW / Recyclable FSC® certified Green-e Certified Exceptional stiffness – offers plastic-like feel and snap.

When compared to using a standard plastic gift card, our coated paper card results in a positive impact on the environment. The usage of natural resources and waste is reduced by:

  • 81% in petroleum fuel oil usage
  • 29% in global warming potential
  • 31% in product municipal solid waste
  • 59% in grid electrical energy waste.
card-Coated Board


eCard is a unique material specifically designed for the manufacture of Gift, Loyalty, and Membership plastic cards.

Features & Benefits:

Made from 60% Chalk and 40% HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), eCard provides the card manufacturing industry and consumers with a commercially attractive and “green” alternative to 100% PVC cards. Cards produced on eCard look and feel virtually identical to other 100% plastic cards and can be manufactured using exactly the same machinery used to produce PVC cards.



PETG is known as glycolised polyester. The “G” represents glycol modifiers, which are incorporated mainly to minimize brittleness of polyethylene terephthalate (PET or APET).

Features & Benefits:

PETG is an amorphous plastic, meaning the polymer molecules are not aligned or ordered within the material. It is produced in a roll calendaring process similar to that used to make standard PVC. As a result, PETG has many features similar to PVC with similar temperature resistance and durability. PETG has found a market where customers are looking to produce “environmentally” friendly product.

PETG and PET are 100% recyclable. PETG is often used in applications where thermoformability is required.


Recycled PETG

Following demand for a more sustainable product, the recently introduced 100% Recycled PETG is new to the market. It is a sustainable source that has been developed to reduce the reliance on virgin raw materials.

Features & Benefits:

A 100% recycled product, the type 0299 core film is constructed with recovered PETG skeletal waste from the medical pack market. When combining a state-of-the-art recycling system with the latest co-extrusion technology, this allows for the construction of a 100% recycled PETG film for the first time.

card-Recycled PETG


Our biodegradable PVC offers a plastic card which is kinder to the environment.

Features & Benefits:

With identical qualities to a standard plastic card they can also be printed on any card printer. Glossy print, high flex and temperature durability are all qualities that come as standard with this material. Using biodegradable PVC allows for faster bio-degradation, meaning our cards decompose over twice as fast as standard plastic.



Here's what people say about us...

“We gave Thames Technology a complex and challenging brief for a multi-currency card product, involving two EMV and magnetic stripe cards linked to the same account, separate PINs, and tamper evident packaging. Thames worked closely with us to refine our vision for a customer friendly product and delivered the whole solution, including production, packing and distribution, on time and on budget.” Miles Briggs, General Manager Financial Services, TUI UK & Ireland.
“Tesco Clubcard is one of the most uniquely helpful things we do and it’s our way of saying thank you to our customers for shopping with us. We’ve listened to customers and we’re delighted to have made Clubcard even simpler and easier to use by working in partnership with Thames to introduce a brand new contactless card.” Simon Pepperdine, Tesco Clubcard Project Manager
“We are delighted to have the opportunity to develop this new multicurrency programme with TUI and Thames. The product has a number of key features that deliver an excellent experience for the cardholder, including the ability to track the card’s balance and spending history via mobile app, and to move funds between different currency wallets. The latter is especially beneficial to travellers, enabling them to carry on spending, wherever they are in the world.”     Ray Brash, CEO and Chairman at PrePay Solutions
“We have worked with Thames Technology for over 13 years on our loyalty and gift card programmes. Over that period they managed the full rebrand and ongoing supply of our highly successful Beauty Club loyalty scheme and produced open loop MasterCard prepaid travel packs for us. Their ability to offer conceptual production sampling for our Christmas Gift Card made it so much easier for us to make the right decision on the final selection. Thames has consistently met our needs and helped us succeed with all these projects.” Sam Clements, Senior Print Project Manager, Debenhams.
“It was of paramount importance that we found a partner with the ability to manage every stage of the card production process. Thames’ full service offering, technical expertise and international experience of taking customers through EMV migration made them the ideal partner.” Samuel Sarpong, CTO at Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd
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