Our Use of Recycled PET-G

14th August 2018

PET-G is an amorphous plastic. Yes, this might not mean much to you and I, but it actually means a lot to our environment.


Thames Technology is one of Europe’s largest and most trusted card issuing partners; a market leader in the design, manufacture, personalisation and distribution of payment and retail card programmes. With the growth in our conscious consumers and increasing efforts to provide sustainable products, we are proud to say that the latest addition to our environmental range is “Recycled PET-G”.

The film is constructed with recovered PET-G skeletal waste, derived from the medical market, providing a sustainable source that reduces the reliance on virgin raw materials.

Using the latest technology, we can now provide another substrate where customers are looking to produce a more environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

We are striving to reduce the environmental impact in the manufacture of our cards, and adding recycled PET-G is just one of our commitments to helping the environment as a ‘green’ manufacturer.

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