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25th October 2018

Edge printing, also known as edge painting or edge tipping, is a design technique that card issuers can use during manufacture to really give them stand-out over the competition.

The technique – where the edge of the card is normally a different colour or style to the rest of the card – not only provides a high-quality perception, it can also be highly functional. For example, when people have a lot of loyalty cards in their wallet or purse, an edge printed card is easily recognisable, visually leaping out as a form of differentiation.

So, edge printing has its benefits. And Thames Technology are the perfect people to talk to if you’re thinking about it.

We can add edge printing to payment, loyalty, gift and commercial cards – doing so for some of the most innovative companies in the UK.

If it’s not a contrasting colour you’re after – we offer everything across the Pantone spectrum – you could also choose the same colour as your card so everything blends in and there’s no white showing. Or go for one of our range of effects, such as extra-shiny or added sparkle.

Whatever’s best for your brand, our design team can help you create an impactful card using edge printing and so much more.

To discuss your options, please start your journey by getting in touch.

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