EMV chip card technology explained

11th October 2018

EMV chip card technology is a global standard for credit and debit payment cards. But you’re probably more used to it as it’s more commonly known – chip and pin.

As you’d expect from a gold standard, the EMV chip card technology in chip and pin is crucial for both debit card manufacturers and credit card manufacturers.

How does chip and pin work?

Card authentication

EMV chip and pin creates unique transaction data so that even if intercepted by fraudsters, the data cannot be used in subsequent transactions. In short, EMV protects against counterfeiting.

Cardholder verification

EMV requires the customer to enter a pre-set PIN before the transaction will initiate. This ensures the person making the transaction is the legitimate cardholder and protects against lost and stolen cards.

Transaction authorisation

EMV authorises transactions two ways: online – the terminal sends the unique transaction data to the card issuer to verify. And offline – the terminal and card jointly determine, based on risk parameters, whether to authorise. EMV chip cards can be programmed to permit both forms of transaction.

Did you know that Thames Technology offers a range of card interfaces to securely communicate your data?

EMV chip card technology is just one of the card interfaces we offer, securely communicating your data as our number one priority. The others we can provide are chip, magnetic stripe and contactless. You can learn more about our payment cards here.

Or, why not play with the interactive card we created that explains the technology in our cards? Scroll down the page and click the crosses to get more information!

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