Commercial Cards

Cards can support your business in many different ways. Unsure where to start? We’ll help you find what’s best for your customers.

How can cards benefit your business?

If cards aren’t your main business and you’re considering a programme, we can help you through the many options. Our consultants specialise in guiding new customers. And existing ones as their needs evolve.

Make one decision, we help with everything else

When you decide on Thames, you’re get instant access to our consultants’ 25 years of experience in commercial cards. It covers helping issuers discover everything from the best card types and card materials, to printing, personalisation and packaging. We’ve a programme as unique as your business.

Ideas & Planning

Planning and collaboration is crucial, not least in us understanding what you want to achieve. It’s how we ensure a project in-line with your objectives.

Requirement & Functionality

Here we outline and refine the technical aspects that will deliver for you and your customers. Functionality is key.

Design & Artwork

Bring us an existing idea or let our team of designer’s craft something from scratch. Either way, we can develop inspiring artwork.


Our technology is diverse, covering data management and modern issuance. Naturally, we’ll walk you through the different ways you can benefit.

A Full Range of Solutions

Health Cards
Membership Cards
Transport Cards
ID Cards
Access Cards
E Top-Up Cards
Promotional Cards

Customer Convenience

When customers can tap, scan or swipe with their card, they have an instant, convenient way to access your services and incentives.

Our commercial cards are ideal for hotels, promotional marketing, membership, identification and more. Contact us for advice on how to deliver the best user experience.

Brand Engagement

Our commercial cards are the perfect method of boosting engagement. This is not just about increasing the visibility of your business, but also making customers want to interact with your brand.

From playful to hard-hitting, our studio team is ready to develop the creative work that will truly connect with your customers. Then it’s on to our manufacturing department. Being single source from start to finish, you’re guaranteed optimised production.


Manufacturing 250 million cards a year and distributing to over 60 countries around the world, means we understand that every business is different. You need a card programme that both fits your business now, and is scalable for the future.
Our flexibility as your manufacturing partner comes from having the capacity to support demanding volumes and lead times. It comes from being dedicated to our core values of integrity, quality and responsiveness. And it comes from being there for you.

Why you should talk to us about our full range of commercial card services.

With Thames Technology as your end-to-end partner, your business can soon begin to benefit. Whether it’s a new or existing card programme, contact us today.

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